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The 80s was a decade of bold fashion, iconic movies, video games that pushed the boundaries of technology, and music that shaped the landscape of pop culture.

From the neon-colored clothing to the must-have gadgets, there was something for everyone in this era.

Magazines were a great way for people to stay up to date with all the latest trends and news from the 80s.

They provided an outlet for readers to learn about what was happening in fashion, games, movies, technology, television and music.

With articles written by experts in each field and colorful images to match their content, these magazines were a great way to get an inside look into this vibrant decade.

The Library

80s Fashion

Let’s talk about the 80s fashion world The fashion of the 80s was mainly about more is more. No matter which style you were going...
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80s Technology

Some info about the 80s Technology The Personal Computer While there were many variations on the personal computer concept before the 1980s, the Apple II...
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80s Movies

Some famous 80s movies were: Here are 80s movies we liked: Sixteen Candle Molly Ringwald’s role as Sam, the high-school student in a family that...
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80s TV Shows

Some famous 80s TV Shows were: V Cool 80s TV show was V. In the 80s was an example of an idea that clicked well...
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TOP GUN (1986)

Maverick is a reckless ace fighter pilot, living with the ghosts of his famous aviator father and his own penchant for hijinks. Along with his...
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Top 100 songs of 1985

Here are top 100 songs of 1985 – by the Nolan method Careless whisper by wham! Featuring george michael I want to know what love...
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Top 100 songs of 1986

Here are top 100 songs of 1986 – by the Nolan method That’s what friends are for by dionne warwick featuring gladys knight, elton john...
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Top 100 songs of 1988

Here are top 100 songs of 1988 – by the Nolan method Need you tonight by inxs Seasons change by exposé Could’ve been by tiffany...
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The 80s Society

Let’s talk about The 80s Society.  Learn more about it. The 1980s was the period of eclecticism. The 80s Society reflected lifestyles and work in...
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