Let’s play 80s Games – It’s fun

In the 80s, 80s games like Nintendo and Atari introduced their popular consoles what made gaming a common part of American culture. The classic games from the 80s boosted the widespread gaming’s popularity. Many famous franchises started at that time which release new titles till today. These vintage games are still load of fun to play and majority of them can be bought.

Super Mario Bros

There is no doubt, it is one of the most iconic games of all time. It launched Luigi, Mario, Peach, Browser and all other characters are familiar with. There is the possibility that it was the best selling game ever made. It has the model left to right, hopping platform gameplay around which each of its sequels has been made.

Donkey Kong

The reason that Super Mario Bros was created in the first place was because of Donkey Kong. This was the first game to have Mario himself, although he was not named Mario yet. Nintendo’s first North American successful title was Donkey Kong. In 1981, this game having arcade platform introduced in two Seattle bars and from there, it became famous across North America.

Final Fantasy

Still, it is today one of the most famous RPG franchises. New parts sell well, and a lot of gamers even replay old titles. Recently in 2016, it’s 15th installment was released by the owner Square Enix. The first of games to use an open world arrangement. At that time, most other famous action games limited the player into a defined path. Final Fantasy was also among early games to use different format than the 1st person.

The Legend of Zelda

It was a huge hit. It was the only NES game at that time to cross one million copies. Additions in the game franchise have been made for later Nintendo generations. Several generations of gamers have been in love with characters of franchise.

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Street Fighter

It was one of the early famous head-to-head fighting games. This was also one of the early successful computer games. Home gamers could get it on the IBM PC and Commodore. Street Fighter created genre standards. This fighter game was the first to involve combo moves, destroying the gaming careers of random button punchers. Street Fighter was not a superhit but sold enough games to allow Capcom to go for a sequel.

Ultima 1

It was an important innovator in the RPG games. It introduced a successful franchise which includes the first Ultima Online. Ultima extended gaming’s scale and scope. The RPG has the crown of being the first game having an open world, where a player could roam freely around the environment of game.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia was famous for its design and graphics. Its character motion and art direction were mostly imitated and offered as a model for many 90s games, and was among the leading game articles for Apple II. It inspired spin-offs, sequels and a film adaptation released in 2010.