The 80s Society

The 1980s was the period of eclecticism. Lifestyles and work were reflected in the people’s clothes ranging from the youths to business people. Young urban professionals dominated the finance and corporate world with their perfected and stylish lifestyles.

The fans were enjoying the golden period of M. Jackson, Queen, Madonna and Prince etc. It was also in the 1980s when supermodel period began with Iman, Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley and many others. Anna Wintour also started her career on American Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld brought Chanel back in the limelight. Princess Diana was a major fashion icon of 1980s.

Iconic movies and TV serials of 1980s include Full House, Breakfast Club, Baywatch, E.T and Star Wars. No doubt there are a lot more, as we get close to current time, Hollywood industry expanded greatly, more movies and shows created their impact.

People witnessed many fundamental changes in their living standards during 1980s. One of the major transformations was new and expanded role of TV. This change introduced a new platform for whole programming.


ESPN provided 24 hours a day service to sports fans. Nickelodeon was something which opened a fantasy world for children, showing youth centered programs. CNN was used to access news anytime. Recording industry saw the revolution with the creation of Music Television. It broadcasted music videos of famous songs. It helped to redefine famous music. Musicians like M. Jackson and Madonna were allowed to convey an image with their music. The material girl message of Madonna reflected the values of a growingly materialistic decade.

In 1980s people get to access a lot of gadgets. Many breakthroughs came in the field of technology and these gadgets made a huge impact on general public in their daily routine lives. Though working on computers started way before, but in 1980s IBM successfully introduced the concept of personal computers. It made possible for general public to get their hands on it.

So, we belonging to 1980s were the ones who first experienced the excitement of having their own computers in houses. It was in our time that the Walkman was introduced and allowed the people to listen music while on the move. Video Cassette Recorders were there before but in 1980s with cheap microprocessors and economic manufacturing the VCR got easily affordable for consumers. The dream of making movies and recording memories was becoming reality, a small portable device was available to common man with the launch of camcorders.

First Gaming console was launched in 1977 but it was not very popular. In 1980s, the appearance of Space Invaders revolutionized the gaming experience. This classic game popularity took the consoles to every house at the speed of light.

So, it will not be a big deal if we brag about ourselves in front of todays generation that we actually are the forefathers of gaming world. We have witnessed everything at its peak you just name it, whether it be clothing fashion, media, movies, cartoons or music. Cheers to the great 1980s and here are the some of the highlights of that lifestyle reminiscent of your young, dumb and broke days.

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