80s TV Shows

Some famous 80s TV Shows were:


Cool 80s TV show was V.

In the 80s was an example of an idea that clicked well as a miniseries but couldn’t take place as a complete TV show. The story of a planet being invaded by friendly-looking aliens but turn out to be reptiles who are man-eaters.

Knight Rider

Artificial intelligence had never been as cool before the creation of KITT, Michael Knight’s contemporary in the Foundation for Government and Law. Knight Rider’s KIIT, an enhanced Trans Am, didn’t require a driver and was equipped with enough gadgets to make James Bond jealous easily.

China Beach

Focusing on the women behind the front lines of the Vietnam War, this innovative drama was different from many of the other TV serials that focused on war.


Wiseguy had Ken Wahl as Vinnie, an FBI operative who masters in deep cover work. It was an effort to explore both the details and mechanics of undercover work, along with the emotional trauma a person suffers. The writers had created the show to give a more touch to British serials than American television.


Just like Full House, this series also had a family called “The Tanners.” A weird show that featured a puppet as the main character. It was a story of an alien whose name was Gordon Shumway. He crash-lands in the suburban family’s backyard and then starts to make his way into their hearts, meanwhile waiting for his partners to come and pick him up. Sometimes trying to catch and eat the family cat. Most episodes happened to be a cross between Growing Pains and Perfect Strangers. As the show progress and ALF learn about different human customs, the family keeps protecting him from the government officials and public hunting for him.