80s Fashion

The fashion of 80s was mainly about more is more. No matter which style you were going for, the more is more concept would find its way in. The office look outfit was strong and in contrasting colors with heavily oversized shoulders. If you were looking for groovy look, denim on denim, neon colors and voluminous hair were the pick. The edgier look as in rock had leather, animal prints and black t-shirts with written quotes. The decade can be labelled as voluminous, over the top and go for big even when the clothing is rather simple.

The past decades were the decades with a sharp use of prints. There were prints in 1980s as well but not so famous as they were in the previous decades. This era was all about colors, from neon to pale pastels and primary colors. The colors were used in pairs with others for an impactful effect. Neutral shades as light grey, white and beige were also very popular.

The 1980s decade promoted more fashion icons than any previous one. It is difficult to think and imagine now, but in the 80s there was no internet or mobile phones, TV offered limited channels and getting chance to watch movie was a luxury. The common source of information regarding fashion for general public were magazines, television and advertisement. This limited access gave a chance to few groups of music bands, celebrities and garment brands to make a big influence in 80s fashion trends.


Some big fashion brands were:

Nike, Adidas and Reebok sportswear

Fitness saw a craze in 1980s and sportswear of these companies were so famous that they became streetwear as well.

Watches by Swatch

Every other kid had a few of these inexpensive watches available in different patterns and bright colors.

Ray Ban

Popular for their aviator and warfare sunglasses, a big pair of sunglasses were important fashionwear in the 1980s.


Celebrities who influenced 1980s fashion:

Princess Diana

Many 1980’s fashion trends started with the princess Diana, even though she never associated herself with the fashion industry. Loved by the world from the very first appearance with Prince Charles, people emulated and noted her every move. Princess was the strong force behind iconic 1980’s clothing ranging from the feminine patterned and padded shoulders, the ‘Diana’ hairstyle, silk blouses and pearl earrings.

Jane Fonda

She was the first major star to create an exercise video. She was already popular in the fashion world because of her role in films like Barbarella. She received enduring popularity for the leotards and leg warmers, that she gave to the 1980’s fashion trends using her exercise videos. It was Jane because of which sport apparels came from the gym on to the fashion shows and soon became a part of people’s daily 1980’s fashion wear.

Ella Macpherson

The 80’s witnessed the peak of first high earner supermodels, they enhanced their recognition and fashion influence by endorsing household items. The product advertisements made the fashion style and faces of models like Iman, Elle Macpherson, Brooke Shields and Janice Dickinson popular in every household.

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