80s Movies

Some famous 80s movies were:

Here are 80s movies we liked:

Sixteen Candle

Molly Ringwald’s role as Sam, the high-school student in a family that has forgotten it is her Sweet 16. An expansive and strong supporting cast made this John Hughes work before The Breakfast Club. Anthony Hall and his skeptical friends represent a leap forward in the depiction of nerd-kind.


The Terminator

The 1984 James Cameron sci-fi thriller is simple with frenetic action, and marvelous title character contributed to the success of The Terminator.


The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

Peter Greenaway’s stylized idea and clever touches can sometimes go against him, doing works that are as more peculiar artifacts as they are whole films. But not in The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. Through a sustained contrast of the ugly and crass with the sophisticated and beautiful, Greenaway has made an experience that rewards the passionate viewer. If you somehow the opening scene, although many didn’t when it came out, what occur after is definitely worth it.


Blood Simple

Blood Simple made the world aware of the cinema of Ethan Coen and Joel. The brothers have gone on to huge budgets, a variety of genres, and Oscar victories. Still, their direction and writing were already in excellent form when they created this iconic noir thriller.


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