Half-Hour of 1989 TV Commercials – 80s Commercial Compilation #7

A collection of television commercials aired in 1989 during America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC WABC channel 5 and Married… with Children on Fox WNYW channel 7 New York, NY. Contains:
A&W Root Beer with William Sanderson
Foxy lettuce with Kathy Ireland
Perfect Strangers, Full House, Mr Belvedere, Philby promo
Klondike bar with Robin Leach
Hefty Cinch Sak
Ocean Spray with Bobby McFerrin
Ocean Spray pink grapefruit juice
Kibbles ‘n Bits
ABC fall shows
Nike – Bo Knows – Bo Jackson, Bo Didley, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky
Uncle Buck TV spot – John Candy
Jeopardy! promo
Scrub Free
Turner and Hooch TV spot – Tom Hanks
Quaker 100% Natural cereal with Ed Begley Jr
Walt Disney’s Peter Pan TV spot
Entertainment Tonight
Loreal Preference with Cybill Shepherd
Cocal Cola / Fox Isle of Dreams treasure hunt with Christina Applegate
Mazda Miata
Isuzu with David Leisure
The Tracey Ullman Show promo
Night Court promo
Uncle Buck TV spot – John Candy
Kentucky Fried Chicken extra tasty crispy
Roy Rogers chicken
Hershey’s chocolate syrup
Tic Tac
Hamburger Helper
Coca-Cola classic
Mission: Impossible, Choices promo
Crunch & Munch
Good Morning America
Young Einstein TV spot
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Magic Mushroom
Jeopardy! promo
Extra Creamy Cool Whip
Kraft Singles
Bacardi Mixers
When Harry Met Sally TV spot – Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal
Liquid Plumr
Bacardi Mixers
Extra Creamy Cool Whip
Primetime Live promo – Diane Sawyer, Sam Donaldson
When Harry Met Sally TV spot – Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal
Popeyes chicken
Channel 7 Eyewitness News promo
ABC News Brief with Peter Jennings
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Popeyes chicken
Final Net
Glad-Lock zipper bags
Apple Cinnamon Oh’s
Tic Tac
Minute maid Orange Juice
Clean & Clear
Open House promo
Dodge factory authorised clearance
Rude Awakening TV spot – Cheech Marin, Eric Roberts
Durasoft Colors contact lenses
Emmy awards promo
Honey Nut Cheerios
Perma SOft
Hunt’s ketchup with Roy Clark
New York Daily News
True Believer TV spot (Partial)

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