BBC Eighties Season – The Grumpy Guide To The 80s (5/10/10)

Part of the Eighties Season on BBC Two First aired on BBC 2 on the October 5th 2010 The 80s, a decade that style forgot, along with any form of taste or decency. From Thatcher’s Britain to the New Romantics and the ubiquitous filofax there’s much about this decade to be grumpy about.

Ronnie Ancona used to get an adverse physical reaction to seeing a mullet. Shappi Khorsandi does a spookily good impression of those horrendous Cabbage Patch Dolls. And then there was the terrible music; Al Murray can’t understand how anyone would have allowed Duran Duran to stagger on, bellowing like a wounded buffalo for the whole decade and, according to Mark Radcliffe the Human League just looked stupid.

With other contributions from Alistair Mcgowan, Mark Steel and Neil Morrissey, The Grumpy Guide to the 1980s takes a look back at one of history’s most embarrassing decades and gets really grumpy about it.

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