80’s Commercials Vol. 750

These commercials aired on KTVU on March 17th, 1986. 1. Macy’s White Flower Day Sale
2. Irish Spring Soap
3. Colgate Pump
4. KRQR 97.3 FM
5. “8 O’Clock Movie” Commercial Bumper
6. Glendale Federal IRA (With Dinah Shore)
7. Mobilia
8. GTE Sprint
9. Nestle Alpine White With Almonds (This one is a favorite of mine, it actually stylistically feels late 80’s/early 90’s to me…so it was ahead of its time)
10. Promo for “American Treasure: Smithsonian Journey”
11. Kinney
12. Marina (The jingle here reminds me of the theme to “Flipper”)
13. Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts (With John Hillerman)
14. Fremont Ford
15. “8 O’Clock Movie” Commercial Bumper
16. KTVU Station ID
17. Emporium Capwell
18. Promo for “All The Rivers Run”
19. Promo for “The Lion In Winter”
20. Promo for “The 10 O’Clock News”
21. Kitty Litter (He’s Ed Lowe, and he loves your cat.  It’s weird to think that Kitty Litter didn’t exist at all before he invented it)
22. The Grand Game from California Lottery
23. Allerest
24. Las Vegas
25. “8 O’Clock Movie” Commercial Bumper
26. Northern California Nissan/Datsun Dealers
27. Obsession by Calvin Klein
28. KOIT 96 FM
29. United Way
30. Promo for “Taxi”
31. “The 10 O’Clock News” Intro (Partial)

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